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The fallacy
Fitness and health are misunderstood to mean about the same: "If you're fit you're healthy" and it is also mistakenly believed that the more fit you are, the healthier you are. Incorrect.

The distinction
Fitness is quantified by how much energy muscles can generate and by the degree of physical or athletic performance that can be demonstrated by a person. Health is a condition of a low degree of illness. Illness is always present in the body, but it is the degree or severity of illness that determines whether a person is healthy or ill. Illness develops constantly day and night. Agents of illness (microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, poisons etc.) invade our bodies around the clock and then spread to all parts of the body and multiply while attacking, damaging, invading and feeding upon all the cells in our body. Our immune system attacks and tries to keep the intruders at as low a number as possible and so keeps illness at bay and at a low level. The lower the level of illness the healthier a person is. So, strangely enough, the definition of health seems to be "A low and not debilitating degree of illness".

Healthcare as currently practiced in the United States has become the largest for profit cartel with yearly income over $3.5 trillion and with very costly disappointing results.
The bottom line is all that matters for this Illnesscare conglomerate. Health seems not of any interest to this monopoly. Illness is where the money is, selling medicine at outrageous prices and filling hospital beds at $2000 per night or more. Then ordering as many tests as possible and repeating these test as often as possible all paid for by the insurance to a point where the insurance rates are hiked on a yearly basis.

The doctors are not to blame for all this corruption because they have been enslaved to this diabolical illness industry that tells them exactly what tests and treatments they are permitted to perform and which operations they are permitted to do. The insurance arm of this illness cabal has partnered with the Federal Government's FDA and CDC to create more illness and to suppress advancements in the cure of illness and in the prevention of illness. This must sound like a crazy conspiracy theory but unfortunately it is not. It is the unfortunate reality of healthcare in the United States and is soon coming to all countries where all former government owned and publicly held hospitals have been privatised and have been sold to investment banking interests.    

We the people have lost our previously "not for profit" healthcare system that actually was interested in the health for the public. It is now owned by investment bankers for the sole benefit of the bank owners and their stockholders.

The guardians of conventional medicine theories have found effective ways to turn their own guesswork theories into "truths", making the public believe that their unproven beliefs are "good science". They defend their own theories and beliefs against any new theories from others, by pointing out that the new theories are "false" based upon the fact that they differ with their own "true" medically accepted theories. They bamboozle the media and the public into accepting their beliefs as "facts" that are supported by medical research. 

So what is the current success rate of these medical beliefs and theories for curing illness? What is the cure rate for the Health Care Profession (which should be renamed Illness Care Profession).

Well, we first have to observe that the medical profession lumps together as "illness" all forms of disease and physical damage or malformations to any part of the body.   

Physical damage is not illness, it is broken bones, cuts, malformed parts. Injury can be repaired with surgery after which it can heal. The healing after surgery is done by the body itself at the cellular level. Illness is something totally different, it is the malfunctioning of cells anywhere in our body. So, all illness is at the cellular level and it can heal itself in which we can assist the body with providing proper nutrition and stimulating generous blood circulation to the areas that need to heal.

Current medical practice has developed impressive levels of sophistication in physical repair of damage to parts of the body. The repair of this physical damage is done with surgery or manipulation of muscles and bones and joints. But physical damage to body parts is not illness. All illness is at the cellular level when individual cells are malfunctioning as a result of aging or damage from micro-organisms like viruses, bacteria and fungus. 


Too fit for health? 

Recent analytical research has finally led to the answer why perfectly fit people develop serious health problems and why very fit top athletes get cancer, diabetes and all manner of other illnesses and a number of these fit athletes die a sudden death. It came as a big surprise that extreme fitness leads to poor health and an impaired immune system. It is specially surprising because most people and many doctors believe that "If you are fit, you are healthy" and to make things even worse they also believe that "The more fit you are the healthier you are".

Such mistaken belief has the tragic result that the people who are the most interested in taking good care of their health wind up doing the very wrong kind of activities or exercise that make them very fit but unhealthy. These very fit people are of course very amazed and disappointed that they get cancer and all sorts of other illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and joint problems and aching muscles and joints. They have no idea that they are getting all these health problems because they are doing too much fitness improving sports and exercise.

Naturally these very fit people with their fitness created health problems are the most difficult people to get to understand why a high level of fitness is the cause of their illnesses. They have invested so much time and effort in their fitness, that they get quite emotional and defensive when they are told that their high degree of fitness is the cause of their deteriorating health.

Fitness and health are two very different concepts but the general public has no knowledge of the difference between fitness and health. The medical industry is also ignorant about it because doctors learn nothing about it in medical school. The medical industry actually benefits from the ignorance of the public and doctors. They get more sick people that way and sick people are the main source of profit for the $3.5 trillion dollar yearly income of the Illness cartel. They are not interested in teaching people how to become healthier by doing the right exercise for health. The Ilness Isurance companies are not going to pay doctors for teaching people how to become healthy and stay healthy. They only pay doctors for treating and managing illness, not curing it. Cured healthy people are not good customers of the Illness cartel.

Treating illness is ordering a lot of expensive diagnostic tests and prescribing a lot of pills. Managing illness means keeping people between illness and prevent them from dying. You don't want them to die, because you cannot make money on dead people. You do not want them to become healthy either, because you cannot make any money on healthy people. So you keep them suspended between illness and death as long as possible to milk the insurance with as much as possible tests, pills and surgery, all of which do not return the people back to health.

So why is a high degree of fitness bad for health?
It is not what most dictionaries will tell you. The definition of fitness in most dictionaries is exactly the wrong reference to fitness being almost interchangeable with health. So first we will explain here what the evidence based research concluded about the definition of fitness, and then how a high degree of fitness leads to poor health. Fitness is measurable by how much energy a muscle can create. There are two kinds of fitness. There is fitness for explosive large energy production for a high amount of energy production over a short duration of time for lifting weights or short distance sprinting or swimming and there is fitness for long duration endurance activities such as long distance running or swimming where a relatively high amount of energy is produced over longer periods of time. Fitness exercises will result in winning gold medals and being better at sports and having more endurance for physical work. Fitness will create impressive looking muscles and a flat muscular stomach area and a low fat percentage. Basically fitness will result in a good looking body and that is unfortunately what people desire because they believe that it at the same time will improve their health and prevent illness. little do the know that a high degree of fitness actually makes them less healthy and more prone to become ill. 

Relationship between fitness and health
A high degree of fitness will result in a lower degree of health, and faster aging and more illness. That is the reason why some very fit people are subject to many health problems like cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc. Some of them die at a relatively younger age dispite doing all that fitness improving exercise, but BECAUSE of it. Their family and friends will comment on how fit and healthy they always were and that they exercised a lot and had a good diet and did all the things that they thought would improve their health and fitness. So it is a mystery to all, including the medical profession why these very fit people get sick and some of them die at a relatively early age. For lack of a satisfying explanation they often blame poor genetics as a last resort to explain the poor health and premature deaths.

Fitness will lead to an increase of blood flow volume through the muscles that were used to create the greater fitness and that increase of blood flow through those fit muscles results in an equivalent decrease of blood flow volume through all the other parts of the body. The increase of blood volume through the muscles takes blood flow volume away from all the other cell tissues in the body. Less volume of blood flow through the brain, vital organs, skin, connective tissue, joints, bone marrow etc. Litterally all other cell tissues in the body receive less blood volume per day as a result of the increase of blood volume through the highly trained fit muscles. 

Definition of health
Not surprisingly, the dictionary definition of Health is just as wrong as the dictionary definition of Fitness. Most dictionaries refer to health as something like absence of illness but our evidence based study concluded: "Health is a low level of illness that can be easily controlled by the body's immune system to stay at the low level of illness and will not escalate to a larger degree of illness that overruns the body's defenses." Explanation: People are ill to some small degree from the day they are born to the day they die. All illness is at the cellular level where cells are damaged and made ill by invading hostile micro organisms (vruses, bacteria, fungus). The body's defenses try to do their best to keep micro organisms out of the body and when the invaders succeed to get into the body there are secondary defenses like the white bloodcells and others that will try to hunt them down and kill the invaders.   

Experts are resistant to change and new ideas
The problem with the medical profession is that it is, like most other professions, very resistant to new ideas and hypotheses. The idea or hypothesis that fitness is potentially damaging to health runs counter to the current beliefs of the  medical profession. The medical profession informs and educates the media and the media educate the general public with all the inaccurate and some outright incorrect information that they are fed by the medical profession. It is extremely difficult to contradict the media and the medical profession with any new ideas and hypotheses that run counter to the incorrect and false beliefs they currently hold. 

The whole fitness culture promotes the totally wrong idea that "If you are fit you are healthy" and even takes it to a higher level of misinformation by engaging the media to publish information that suggests "The more fit you are, the healthier you are". That is completely false belief and health damaging information. Fitness and health are two different concepts that do not go hand in hand over the full range of levels of fitness. A low level of fitness will generally result in a poor to fair level of health. A moderate level of fitness can result in good to excellent health and a high level of fitness can result in fair to poor health and an extreme level of fitness will result in poor to very poor health.

To understand this you must first learn what the difference is between health and fitness. The best definition of health is as follows: "health is a low degree of illness that is manageable by the body's illness defense systems. also incorrectly called immune systems, that constantly fight and kill invading micro-organisms that invade the body and damage individual cells in all the body's cell tissues. Most official definitions of health are incorrect in that they define health as "the state of being free from illness or injury". Injury is a matter of physical damage to a body part and not of illness. Illness is a condition of cells having been injured or invaded by micro organisms like viruses, bacteria and fungi. You will never be completely free from damaging micro organisms, so you will allways be ill to a more or lesser degree. Most official definitions of fitness are ambiguous in that they state it to be "The condition of being physically fit and healthy" which presents a circular reference to "fit" and suggests a parallel relationship with health where in reality there is an inverse relationship with fitness and health.  

Fitness measured and quantified
There is endurance fitness that is measured by the amount of continnuous muscle energy produced over long periods of time such as can be demonstrated and measured with long distance running. There is also maximum strength fitness that can be measured by the maximum muscle energy production over short periods of time by measuring the maximum energy a muscle can develop in just a few moments such as with barbell power lifting or dumbell curling.

Fitness is very desirable, up to a point

We must learn that fitness is generally very good for people, but there is a point where too much fitness becomes bad for health. For most things in life there is:

1.A too little
2.A too much . . and
3.There is a JUST RIGHT. 

People generally know that it requires exercise to improve health and fitness. What they don't know is that exercises that improve fitness are counterproductive to health. There is a signifficant difference between fitness and health. Fitness is measured by the amount of energy that muscles can develop and work they can perform within any given amount of time. It requires fitness exercises to win Gold Medals, to excel in most sports, to have a flat stomach "six pack", to build good looking muscles on your limbs, and to have a low fat content in your body. Fitness basically results in an attractive looking body and unfortunately that is what most people are after and they start doing the fitness exercises that they hope will create the good looking body.

Wrong and unrealistic expectations
People say that they want to lose weight and they often do not realize that what they reality want to reduce their waistline. What they really need to lose is mostly water that accumulates in all cell tissues as a result of insufficient volume of bloodflow. 

Health is not the absence of illness. All illness is at the cellular level. It is estimated that the human body consists of about 50 trillion cells and that one tenth of a percent of those cells become ill every day. That amounts to about 50 billion cells becoming ill every day. Most of these ill cells heal themselves and the few that are beyond healing are instructed by our white blood cells to end their own life, commit suicise called apoptosis. The cells that kill themselves are renewed by way of mitosis, cell division. So health is not the abcense of illness, it is a low degree of illness. It is a manageable amount of illness that our immune system can deal with. As soon as more cells become ill than our immune system can deal with, that is when illness is exceeding the body's immune system's ability to keep illness contained to a low degree of illness and is not overrun by too many micro-organisms and too many ill and dying cells.  

People have many false beliefs such as:
1.If you are fit you are healthy (not).
2.If you get more fit you get healthier (not).
3.You lose weight with exercise (you will lose fat and gain muscle which could result in weight gain, because muscle weighs by volume 2.2 times as much as fat).
4.The bigger your muscles the healthier (not so).
5.A low resting pulse is a sign of good health (not).

These 5 beliefs are completely wrong and there are many more of these false beliefs that lead to illness and failure with exercise programs. How did people get these wrong ideas? Many of the ideas come from the multi-billion dollar Fitness Industry and their marketing and advertising and all the misinformation spread by the media and TV programs such as The Biggest Loser. They just do not know any better, but good marketing of bad ideas leads to a lot of wrong information. The Illness Industry does not help much either with spreading inaccurate information about diet, health and fitness. We have been misled into believing that good looking fit people are healthy people. They can be if they are doing more moderate exercise that does not make them too fit. 

A person can actually be too fit and become ill as a result of being too fit. 
Most people will want to be both fit and healthy, but therein lies a problem that people are not aware of. Most people think that fitness and health go hand in hand and that when you are fit that you are healthy and if you are more fit that you are more healthy. That is not correct because fitness and health are two very different concepts that only go hand in hand if the exercise is moderate and limits lactic acid production as much as possible.


The difference between fitness and health 
FITNESS is the ability of muscles to perform work, create physical energy, win gold medals, excel in sports. Fitness will create impressive looking muscles on our limbs and a washboard stomach, a low body-fat percentage. Basically fitness exercises create impressive looking and capable muscles out of the muscles that are trained with high over-demand close to failure and damage. Fitness results from doing exercises that increase greater blood-flow through muscles not only during the exercises but also greater blood-flow after the exercise when the muscles are at rest after the fitness exercises that have been done with these muscles. More blood-flow through muscle tissues at rest comes at the expense of less blood-flow through all other cell tissues in the body such as the brain, organs, skin, connective tissue, joints and of course also less blood circulation through the muscles that are not used in the exercises that create their fitness. Training for greater performance for any sport or athletic competition should therefore be limited to the muscles that are being trained for greater performance in a specific sport or athletic competition. Training additional muscles that do not contribute to the desired greater performance in a specific sport or athletic competition should not be done because they take blood-flow away from the highly trained fit muscles that are needed for the higher performance for a sport or athletic competition. It means that if you want to be a champion long distance runner that you should not train too many muscles that do not contribute to the speed of the running. 

Health is something totally different
We are never 100% healthy. We develop millions of ill cells per day and millions of sick cells will heal themselves per day. Cells that are so ill that they are not able to heal themselves in a short time, they will die by committing suicide (called Apaoptosis) or they are killed by our own white blood cells. These cells that die or are killed are replaced with new cells that are created by way of cell division (called Mitosis).So health is not the absence of illness, it is a low level of manageable illness that is a very dynamic balancing  game between millions of cells becoming ill per day and as many cells healing themselves and the ones that die are being replaced with new cells. As soon as not enough cells heal themselves and not enough new cells are created by Mitosis to balance off the number of cells that become ill or die, that is when we experience a higher degree of illness. So health is merely a low degree of illness that is manageable by our self-healing and self-regenerating capacity of our body to keep pace with healing and renewing cells at the same rate as cells become ill. ALL ILLNESS IS AT THE CELLULAR LEVEL. There is no cure for any ill cells, but there is the self healing of cells and cell-division that replaces dead cells. This leads to the conclusion that there is NO CURE FOR ANY ILLNESS. Whow, wait a minute here, that is completely different from what the Illness Industry has been telling us for many decades. Where are the published research papers that support these new hypotheses? Health does not necessarily result in an impressive looking body as does fitness. Healthy people can be very mediocre looking and live until 100 or beyond without suffering much illness. In fact there are even healthy people that are fat all their life and they live beyond 100 as well without much illness because they have done health creating exercises all their lives long. Health creating exercises are exercises that result in an increase of plasma circulation through all cell tissues in the body where the plasma delivers all the nutrients that our 50 trillion cells need to function and to fulfill their functions. The cells metabolize the nutrients and create metabolic waste products that need to be removed by the plasma circulation and delivered to the body's waste disposal sites like the liver, kidneys, colon, skin, lungs etc.

So what are these fitness creating and health creating exercises? Fitness creating exercises are exercises that are done with very few muscles and not a lot of range of motion so that there is a small amount of muscle mass involved in the exercise. And that small amount of muscle mass is made to produce the maximum amount of energy that it can make, whereby it will produce a lot of lactic acid. Lactic acid is a dilator of capillaries that increases the surface area of endothelial cells that form the walls of capillaries. The increase of the surface area of the cells that form the walls of the capillaries results in an increase of the flow-diameter of the capillaries which in turn increases the volume of blood flowing through the capillaries. The flow of blood dramatically increases through muscles that start doing work, exercise. When the blood flow in working muscles dramatically increases repaired